Let us introduce Mr. "Gets into Mischief" Myles!

Let us introduce Myles. Myles is a very sweet, adorable dog. With a history of getting into things he's not supposed to and giving mom a run for her money, you can say he gets into a little mischief sometimes ;) His mom, is an awesome dog mom. She loves and adores her animals and takes very good care of them.

One day we get a call from mom and she's laughing. Typically, she doens't give her dogs bones, just regular dog treats and very few and far inbetween. This time she wanted to spoil her pup and had given Myles a circular, nylabone as a fun treat. Well, as you can see in the picture, Myles chewed on his bone and it got stuck! Thinking this couldn't possibly happen, mom tried getting the bone out, but it was literally lodged around his bottom teeth. Myles wasn't in any pain or much discomfort. In fact, mom said he wanted to play. Myles and mom arrived to see Dr. TK. While in our office, he was his playful, loving self. After a quick exam and a plan, Dr. TK brought him into surgery and was able to remove the bone. It was a difficult task as you can see how thick the bone was and how awkward it was placed. Myles is doing great and is back to his normal self. However, unfortunately for Myles, mom said "NO MORE BONES!"

On a side note, when purchasing different treats or toys for your pup, make sure you are able to watch them while they enjoy it.

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